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The Process of Making RKMP

Knowledge Management in agriculture is relatively a new concept.  The mammoth task of driving the knowledge sharing process in agriculture requires lot of efforts at various hierarchical levels among agricultural organizations. 

In India, there is an urgent and strong need to adapt the KM strategies in agriculture.  In line with RKMP, there is a need to upscale KM initiatives in agriculture.

But before that, relevant human resources, tools, processes, strategies should be in place to transform agricultural organizations into “learning organizations”.  We are of the opinion that frameworks and success stories of KM worldwide need to be analyzed to prepare a road map for “KM in Agriculture”.

As a part of this vision, we wish to share the process that is involved in “Making of RKMP”.  If you are planning to work on agricultural semantic portals in future, please write to us for AKM (Agricultural Knowledge Management) tools, processes and strategies.


Content Development Workshop at CRRI, Cuttack

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Proceedings of Content Development Workshop at CRRI, Cuttack:

The Content Development Workshop was organized at CRRI, Cuttack on 16th March 2010.  The Inaugural session started at 10.00 AM under the chairmanship of Dr. T.K.Adhya, Director CRRI.  Also present on the stage were Dr.K.S.Rao, Head Crop Production & ECT, Dr. Shaik N.Meera, CPI-RKMP and Dr. G.A.K.Kumar, CoPI RKMP.  The work shop was attended by around 60 participants.  Dr.R.Raja, Senior Scientist, Agronomy has welcomed the gathering.  Dr. Shaik N.Meera has given an over view of RKMP, what are the achievements have achieved till now and what are the works which should be under taken in near future etc., And then some valuable remarks are given by Dr.K.S.Rao.  Dr.T.K.Adhya Director, CRRI Cuttack, gave presidential remarks. Dr.B.C.Patra gave vote of thanks.


  • Dr. Shaik .N.Meera has presented the progress and current status of RKMP and he has also given the content development workshop objectives as to develop structure and content of RKMP comprising RIS, EIS, FIS, SIS, GnIS and e-learning platform related to rice.
  • Dr. K.S.Rao has chaired the session and Dr. G.A.K.Kumar initiated the discussion mentioning about the Information Architecture that was distributed to all the participants, to look into and suggest the appropriate content heads in the particular discipline.
  • Personnel from service sector such as State Seed Corporation and FCI also attended the session.
  • An informal discussion session was conducted where in participants have started working on the Information Architecture of various information systems.  Each content head and its probable source of information were deliberated.
  • Each discipline along with the subject matter specialists have deliberated very exhaustively the content heads provided in the EIS/IA and suggested the relevant content heads that are to be added to the IA.  An educative list of all stakeholders in Directories was requested by Dr. Pandit. Based on the data structure the division has been done in the IA. Dr K.S.Rao has presented the content heads from Crop Production Department followed by the other departments successively.
  • The sources of information and the resourceful person who would be providing the content were finalized during the discussions.  Credit and acknowledgement to the providers was an issue raised during the post lunch session which was assured to be looked at by the institute.
  • The discussions were summed up and the many new content heads were added to the existing content heads in the EIS/IA.  The workshop ended with the vote of thanks by Dr. Shaik.N.Meera.


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