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Government can continue with wheat, non-basmati rice exports: KV Thomas

 NEW DELHI: With granaries overflowing, the government today said it can continue exports of wheat and non-basmati rice for some more time.

In September 2011, the government had lifted a four-year -old ban on wheat exports and freed non-basmati rice shipments. It decided to review exports after shipments of these two commodities crossed two million tonnes each.

Trade KnowHow

Rice is one of the largest agricultural export items from India. A decade ago, India used to export only Basmati rice. Non-Basmati rice has also become a major item for export, registering a steady upwards trend in recent years, but, in monetary terms, the basmati varieties bring in more foreign exchange than non-basmati varieties of rice. A tremendous demand for basmati rice in the international markets has seen the country's basmati rice exports increased from about USD 470 million in 2000-2001 to about USD 1900 million during 2008-09.

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