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Soil Information System (Fertimeter) is the platform of RKMP in which complete information about soils can be found. It consists of the following headings:

• Soil Resources and Extent of Fertility Related Stress

• District wise soil fertility status

• Soil Degradation and Related Production Constraints

• Fertilizers Consumption Scenario and Nutrient Demands

• Rice Soils and Related Constraints in Rice Production

• Nutrient Management for Sustainable Productivity and Growth

• References

We can calculate the requirement of the following by using the calculators

• Manure Dose

• Individual Fertilizer Need

• Biodegradability Index of the Compost

• Dung and their Nutrient Generator

• Nitrogen Generator from Organic Matter

• Vermi Manure Generator

Online soil health card can be generated by supplying the information related soil samples. It covers soil information across the districts of India.

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Learn Rice

LearnRice is a multi-dimensional e-learning platform of Rice Knowledge Management Portal, an initiative under National Agricultural Innovation project (NAIP) of ICAR. In the current scenario of fast changing Technology world, learning is considered to be a lifelong exercise. We appreciate the fact that larger number of rice stakeholders across the country have limitations in terms of access, quality and cost-effective learning opportunities. Not all the stakeholders are privileged to get their rice knowledge updated on 24x7 basis. It is in this context, it is felt that there should be an online platform for enabling & supporting the capacity building exercises in the rice sector of the country. Hence this innovative gateway of learning..LearnRice.

We understand that when we do so, it requires a flexible and effective medium for learning, which provides facility to the learner to learn anywhere at any time in his own pace. This way of learning is considered to be learner centric in contradiction to the traditional teacher centric learning. The rapid evolution of Internet and Web Technologies provided a medium for the information interchange as well as seamless interaction and collaboration of the users. A lot of interest is generated across the world in the field of e-Learning. Many new tools and concepts are evolving and are being explored throughout the world to make this concept a big success.

LearnRice is the e-Learning framework developed by customising the e-Sikshak platform of CDAC, an RKMP consortium partner.
While we continue to provide online learning opportunities, we wish to take these courses to large number of stakeholders through offline CDs and non-digital delivery mechanisms.

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