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1. Pakhal, also spelt as Pakhaal, is an Oriya dish that is made by fermenting rice in water, which is then mixed with curd and lemon juice and sautéed with roasted cumin seed powder.
2. This dish is popular in the Chhattisgarh. Cucumber, fried onions and mint are also added to the dish, which help in enhancing the flavor.
3. Roasted vegetables such as potato, brinjal, saga bhaja, badi and fried fish are usually served with Pakhal. This rice dish is considered common man’s food as it is made with some very basic ingredients that are easily available.

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Vangi Bhaath

 Vangi Bhaath (Rice with Eggplants) Recipe is a speciality from Karnataka adding zest to the lowly valued brinjal and with specially made paste of spices like coriander, cumin etc.

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