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Rice flakes


Importance of Rice crop

1. It is the staple food crop for more than 60% of the world people.

2. In other countries attractive ready to eat products, which have, long shelf life eg. popped and puffed rice, instant or rice flakes, canned rice and fermented products are produced.

3. Protein is present in aleuron and endosperm 6 to 9% and average is 7.5%.

4. Rice straw is used as cattle feed, used for thatching roof and in cottage industry for preparation of hats, mats, ropes, sound absorbing straw board and used as litter material.

5. Rice husk is used as animal feed, for paper making, as fuel source.

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Rice and cultural heritage in Andhra Pradesh

Rice and cultural heritage in Andhra Pradesh: 

Rice has a great cultural heritage.

Many preparations viz., payasam, paravannam, ondrallu, arshalu, laddulu etc., are prepared and offered to the God at the time of worshipping.

Rice is one among Navadhanyalu at the time of construction of houses (Bhoomipooja) and navagraha pooja.

Rice is used as THALAMBRALU and AKSHANTHALU while mixing in turmeric powder and also used as VADIBIYYAM.

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Rice flakes (/Poha/Chura/Atkulu /Aval)

Rice is parboiled, flattened and dried. It can then be eaten as a breakfast cereal or an evening snack. These are processed as thin/thck/parched based on the regional preferences

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