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FCI ties up with IICPT to ascertain paddy OTR in Odisha, other 10 states

New Delhi: Food Corporation of India (FCI) will work in collaboration with Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT), Thanjavur to ascertain the outturn ratio (OTR) of paddy.

 The study will be conducted in 11 paddy-producing states across the country, FCI Chairman and Managing Director, Mr C Viswanath, said today after the PSU signed a memorandum of understanding with IICPT — an educational research and development institution founded in 1967.
FCI has initiated the study on behalf of Government of India, based on requests received from various states for fresh trial milling and fixation of Uniform OTR.
“The objective of the study,” Mr Viswanath revealed, “is to determine the OTR and to ascertain the milling yield of rice from paddy and the quality of milled rice obtained in different agro climatic zones in the states.” The states are Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Kerala.
The MoU was signed at the FCI headquarters in the national capital on Monday by FCI Executive Director (Quality Control) Seema Kakar and Dr. K. Singaravadivel, Principal Scientist, IICPT, in the presence of by Mr Viswanath and IICPT Director Dr. K. Alagusundaram.
The study aims to attend to the long-pending demand of the rice milling industry as well as the state governments to re-fix the OTR, keeping in view the introduction of new varieties of paddy in country as well as advancements in rice milling technologies


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