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Agricultural Marketing Government Schemes

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Agmark Grading and Standardisation

Title: Agmark Grading and Standardisation   

Type: Central Sector Scheme   

Objectives: Promotion of Grading and Standardisation of agricultural and allied commodities under Agricultural Produce (Grading & Marking) Act, 1937.   

Salient features:

Quality standards for agricultural commodities are framed based on their intrinsic quality.  Food safety factors are being incorporated in the standards to complete in World trade.  Standards are being harmonised with international standards keeping in view the WTO requirements.  Certification of agricultural commodities is carried out for the benefit of producer/manufacturer and consumer.  Certification of adulteration prone commodities viz. Butter, Ghee, Vegetable Oils, Ground-Spices, Honey, Wheat Atta etc. is very popular.  Blended Edible Vegetable Oils and Fat Spread are compulsorily required to be certified under Agmark.  Facilities for testing and grading of Cotton for the benefit of cotton growers is provided through six cotton classing centres set up in cotton growing belt in the country.  During the year 1999-2000, agricultural commodities worth Rs.429767 lakhs were graded and marked under AGMARK.  Check is kept on the quality of certified products through 23 laboratories and 43 offices spread all over the country.   

Pattern of assistance: Not applicable   

Eligibility: Parties desirous to grade their commodities under Agmark have to obtain Certificate of Authorisation.  For the purpose, they should have adequate infrastructure to process the commodity and access to an approved laboratory for the determination of quality and safety factors.   

Procedure to apply: Interested parties have to apply in prescribed proforma alongwith prescribed documents to the nearest office of the Directorate.  Parties have to give details of infrastructure, processing facilities, details of laboratory etc. for obtaining Certificate of Authorisation.   

Person to be contacted: Agricultural Marketing Adviser to the Govt. of India. Directorate of Marketing & Inspection,

Head Office, N.H.IV, Faridabad.   

Date of start/ duration: 1938  Continuing Scheme   

Implementation Status: It is ongoing scheme and there is gradual increase in number of authorised packers and quantity graded.   

Additional information: Approximately 9 crore rupees were realised from authorised packers as grading charges during the year 2000-2001.  




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