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Agricultural Marketing Information Network

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                                                            Agricultural Marketing Information Network

Title: Agricultural Marketing Information Network   

Type: Central Sector Scheme   

Objectives: To establish a nationwide information network for speedy collection and dissemination of market data for its efficient and  timely utilization; to ensure flow of regular and reliable data to the  producers, traders and consumers to derive maximum advantage  out of their sales and purchases, and to increase efficiency in marketing by effective improvement in the existing market information system.   

Salient features: 

The components of  the scheme  include providing connectivity to 710 nodes comprising the State Agricultural Marketing Departments/ Boards/ markets and Head Office of the DMI.

These concerned nodes are being provided with one computer and its peripherals.

The NIC who are  consultant on turnkey basis to the project have developed a  software package based on which the State Agricultural Marketing Boards/ Departments/ Markets are to collect desired market information and pass on to the respective State Authorities and Head Office of the Directorate for onward dissemination.   

Pattern of assistance: 100% grant by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.   

Eligibility: The eligible markets are identified in consultation with State Governments based on their volume handled and commercial  importance in commodity flow of the Region/ State.   

Procedure to apply: The different nodes/ markets have to apply for internet connectivity to NIC.   

Person to be contacted: 

The Agricultural Marketing Adviser 

Directorate of Marketing and Inspection,

Head office, NH-IV, Faridabad   

Date of start/ duration: March, 2000/ upto March, 2002.   

Implementation status: Till now, 210 nodes have been supplied with computers with the peripherals.  Administrative approval for another 500 nodes during 2001-2002 has been accorded.   

Additional information: National Agricultural Policy has proposed for coverage of another 2000 nodes during the Tenth Plan  




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