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Assistance of National Cooperative Federations

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                                                Assistance of National Cooperative Federations


Title: Assistance of National Cooperative Federations.   

Type: Central Sector   

Objective: Financial Assistance to National Cooperative Federation for promotion and development of research & survey of  projects.   

Salient features: Promotion of Technical & Consultancy Services, Intensification of field studies, research and statistical activities, improvement of infrastructural facilities/office buildings/ premises.   

Pattern of assistance: 90% grant is provided by the Central Government and remaining 10% is borne by the Federation.   

Eligibility: Federation comprising by and large of cooperative for weaker sections or predominantly with promotional role suffering from the constraints of inadequate resources.   

Procedure to apply: Proposal with full details of the requirement of the grant-in-aid.   

Person to be contacted: 

The Joint Secretary

Cooperation Division, 

Department of Agriculture & Cooperation,

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.   

Progress of Expenditure: 


(Rs. in crore) XI Plan 1997-98 1998-99 1999-2000   2000-01   


                              5.00       1.00          1.00              1.20               0.74 






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