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  •  Azolla is a free-floating fresh water fern (Azolla pinnata). 
  • Azolla is applied to the main field as a green manure and dual crop. 
  • As green manure crop it is allowed to grow on the flooded fields for 2-3 weeks before transplanting later water is drained and ploughing for mixing with the soil. 
  • Azolla is applied to the soil one week after transplanting when a thick mat forms, trampling to incorporate which supplies 30-40 kg N/ha (Liu et al., 1992). 
  • The results of several field trials in India have shown saving of 20-30 kg N/ha in rice cultivation by applying Azolla (Subba Rao, 1988).
  • It fixes nitrogen due to Anabaena species of blue green algae present in the lobes of Azolla leaves. 
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R K Avasthe, Subhash Babu and Raghavendra Singh ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
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