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  • An associative micro aerophillic nitrogen fixer commonly found in loose association with the roots of cereals is of great interest. 
  • High nitrogen fixation capacity, low energy requirement and abundant establishment in the root of cereals. 
  • Sterilized FYM + soil are used as carriers. 
  • The carrier inoculants are made into slurry and mixed uniformly with seeds, dried in shade and sown. 
  • Azospirillum inoculum is used for sorghum. 
  • Positive interaction between Azospirillum and applied N has been observed in several cereal crops with the effect of Azospirillum being equivalent to 20-30 kg/ha of applied N (Elmerich et al., 1992). 
  • brasilense produced high amount of IAA in culture medium, caused an increase in number and length of lateral roots. 
  • In Indian condition many scientists reported that Azospirillum inoculation enhanced the grain yield of rice 5-25 per cent. 
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R K Avasthe, Subhash Babu and Raghavendra Singh ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
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