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Bacterial Leaf Blight

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Bacterial Leaf Blight

Local Name: Aaku yendu thegulu

Causal organism: Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae,

Symptoms of Bacterial Leaf Blight

1. Bacterial leaf blight is a typical vascular disease and has three distinct phases of symptoms. viz., leaf blight phase, kresek phase and pale yellow leaf phase.

2. Symptoms of the disease appear from the tip or edges of leaves as yellow, water soaked, undulate lesions, parallel to' the veins, later turning to straw yellow.

3. Often amber coloured bead-like bacterial exudates are present on lesions. In systemic infection, seedlings wilt and die.

4. Grains get partially filled or become chaffy. Rain splashes and wind aid in dissemination of the bacterium. Field to field irrigation also aids in the spread of the pathogen (Muralidharan and Venkata Rao 1979).

Control of Bacterial Leaf Blight:

The control measures for Bacterial Leaf Blight are:  

1. Growing resistant varieties

2. Split application of nitrogen fertilizer

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Rice Blast Disease and its Management ( Dr . Krishnaveni)
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APRRI, Maruteru
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