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Bacterial Leaf Streak - Introduction and Economic Importance

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Bacterial Leaf Streak


1. Bacterial Leaf Streak of Rice disease is usually observed during the tillering stage of the rice crop.

2. If the Bacterial Leaf Streak appeared in the later growth stages, the rice plant can easily recover and grain yield losses are minimized.

3. The disease is not reported to occur in temperate countries including Japan. The disease infection reduces the 1000 grain weight to the tune of 32.3%.

Economic importance of Bacterial Leaf Streak

1. Losses due to Bacterial Leaf Streak have been reported as 5-30% in India.

2. In the Philippines losses were not considered significant in either wet or dry seasons (Opina & Exconde, 1971).

3. In general, Bacterial leaf streak is a much less important disease compared to Bacterial leaf blight.

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