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1. It is a semi-tall (110-115 cm) variety, suitable for areas with shallow water submergence, moderate tilleting ability (10-12).

2. Its grains are medium slender (27.74g/1000 grain) with white transluscent kernel having abdominal white trace. It is non-scented and non-glutinous variety.

3. It is recommended for shallow submergence (0-30 cm water depth) areas in sali season in Assam. It is photoperiod insensitive and takes 150-155 days to mature and yields 5-5.5 t/ha.

4. It is susceptible to stem borer and gall midge. It is tolerant to BLB and neck blast. It cannot withstand prolonged submergence and cold at reproductive stage.

5. It has been released by CVBRC in 1992. It is also suitable for growing in Nagaland and other low altitude areas of adjoining states.

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