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Casual Organism : Pyricularia Grisera


The leaves show spindle shaped spots with grey centre and dark brown margin.  

The lesions enlarge and cause drying of leaves. The nodes and neck regions turn black and cause rotting and breaking with complete/partial chaffiness of earhead.

Intermittent drizzles, cloudy and overcast conditions, long dew periods, continuous low night temperature (below 20 degree celcious), high relative humidity and susceptible varieties spread disease.


Grow resistant varieties like IR 20 IR-8, Jaya, Pankaj Ratna etc.

Seed treatment with Agrosan G.N. or Seresan or Thiram or Carbendazim @ 2 g/Kg of seeds. (c) Spray 0.1 % Hinosan 50 E.C. (4-5 times), Carbendazim 250 gm or Tricyclazole 75 wp @ 500 gm/ha.

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DRD, Patna
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Dr.Krishnaveni DRR
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