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Brown plant leafhopper ( pogayan)

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1. Common name- Brown plant leafhopper.

 2. Scientific name - Nilaparvata lugens.

 3. Vernacular name - pogayan ( புகையான்)  .

Symptoms of damage of Brown plant leafhopper:

• Nymphs and adults congregate at the base of the plant above the water level.

• Affected plant dries up and gives a scorched appearance called “hopper burn”.

• Circular patches of drying and lodging of matured plant .

• It is vector of grassy stunt, ragged stunt and wilted stunt diseases.

Identification of Brown plant leafhopper.

• Adult: Brown body and chestnut brown eyes. It has two forms viz., (Macropterous (long winged) and brachypterous (short winged)).

Management of Brown plant leafhopper.

• Use resistant/tolerant varieties like Aruna, ADT 36, Co 42, Co 46 IR 36, IR 72.

• Avoid close planting • To provide 30 cm rogue spacing at every 2.5 m to reduce the pest incidence.

• Avoid use of excessive nitrogenous fertilizers.

• Control irrigation by intermittent draining.

• Set up light traps during night.

 • Yellow pan traps during day time.

 • Conserve natural enemies like Lycosa pseudoannulata, Cyrtorhinus lividipennis.

• Avoid synthetic pyrethroids, methyl parathion, fenthion and quinalphos causing resurgence.

 • Drain the water before the use of insecticides .

• Apply any one of the following o Phosphamidon 40 SL@ 1000 ml/ha, o Monocrotophos 36 SL @ 1250 ml/ha o Carbofuran 3 G @ 17.5 kg/ha o Imidacloprid 18.5@ 100 ml/ha o Thiomethoxam 20 WDG@ 100 ml/ha

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