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Central sector scheme for establishment & maintenance of seed bank

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• Title : Central sector scheme for establishment & maintenance of seed bank
• Types : Central Sector
• Objectives : To make available seeds for contingent situations and also develop infrastructure for seed storage.
• Salient features : 1. Establishment of seed bank for maintenance of foundation and certified seeds of different crops to ensure timely availability of seeds to the farmers. 2. To take care of the special requirement of seed at the time of natural calamity 3. To create infrastructure facilities for production and distribution of quality seeds.
• Pattern of Assistance : 1. Provide revolving funds for procurement of seeds ( 50 % cost of raw seed) for keeping in the seed bank. 2. Reimbursement of maintenance cost of seed or various components like processing/ packing , revalidation, transportation, storage, storage loss, insurance of seeds during storage and price differential for undistributed quantity of seeds as per norms fixed under the scheme.
• Eligibility : NSC, SFCI , State seed corporations of various states and state seed certification agencies.
• Procedures to apply : Physical targets of seeds for each seed corporation are fixed based on which revolving funds provided. Maintenance cost of the seeds is also reimbursed based on the proposals received from seed corporations.
• Person to be contacted : The Joint Secretary
Seeds Division ,
Department Agriculture and Cooperation, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
• Date of Start/duration : Scheme is in operation since 1999-2000.
• Implementation Status : Scheme is being implemented through NSC, SFCI and seed corporations of Andhra Pardesh, Assam,Orissa Gujrat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pardesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, U.P, Maharashtra ,West Bengal while the benefit of the scheme is available to the entire country.
• Additional information : Seed of about 17 crops of various varieties which are suitable for different agro-climatic zones of the country specially for meeting any contingent situation arising out of drought / flood situation are maintained in the seed Bank. Tables Showing quantity of seeds to be maintained by various seed corporations in the seed bank during 2001-2002 are annexed.

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