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Characteristics of good seed

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Characteristics of good seed

1. Seed must be true to its type i.e. genetically pure, free from admixtures and should belong to the proper variety or strain of the crop and their duration should be according to agroclimate and cropping system of the locality.

2. Seed should be pure, viable, vigorous and have high yielding potential.

3. Seed should be free from seed borne diseases and pest infection.

4. Seed should be clean; free from weed seeds or any inert materials.

5. Seed should be in whole and not broken or damaged.

6. Seed should be as fresh as possible or of the proper age.

7. Seed should contain optimum amount of moisture (8-12 %).

8. Seed should have high germination percentage (more than 80 %)

9. Seed should germinate rapidly and uniformly when sown.

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