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Chokowa or soft rice

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1. This is another class of rice used for instant preparations. Similar class of rice is also not known in other parts of the world. Its preparations are very popular in community feasts and festivals in Assam.

2. Komol chaol (soft rice) are prepared from this class of rice by boiling paddy followed by one drying and then dehusking them is very common and popular in rural Assam.

3. This preparation can be preserved for quite long time and can be consumed instantly by soaking the rice either in cold or hot water for a brief period of time and then consumed with sugar or molasses, milk or curd and even with salts and oils and pickles.

4. These preparations seems to be useful for sailors, travelers, mountaineers, defense personal etc.

5. However, not much have been done so far either in research or popularising them elsewhere in the country.

6. Rice powders and flake rice prepared from chokowa rice are very tasty and preferred by the local people of the area

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