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Control Measures for Army worm (Lashkari Ali)

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Preventive measures Army worm (Lashkari Ali):

1) Keeping the bunds clean i.e. free off weeds in the beginning of the season.

2) Deep ploughing after harvesting to expose the hibernating stages of the pest to the action of sun and birds.

3) Digging a trench and flooding it with water for preventing the migration of larvae from one field to another.

Cultural Control Measures of Army worm :

1) Collection and destruction of egg masses.

2) Flooding the fields to force the larvae to climb the plants and thus they fall prey of the birds.

3) Harvesting the crop immediately after it attains maturity.

Chemical Control Measures of Army worm (Lashkari Ali):

Spraying with 0.06 per cent cypermethrin 25 EC or 0.1 per cent carbaryl, or dusting with carbaryl 10 per cent dust @ 20kg/ ha based on 4- 5 larvae /sq. m ETL.

Biological Control Measures of Army worm (Lashkari Ali):

Conservation and preservation of frogs in the field.

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