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Direct marketing

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Direct marketing:

1.Direct marketing is an innovative concept, which involves marketing of produce i.e. paddy/rice by the farmers directly to the consumers/millers without any middlemen.

2. Direct marketing enables producers and millers and other bulk buyers to economise on transportation cost and improve price realization.

3. It also provides incentive to large scale marketing companies i.e. millers and exporters to purchase directly from producing areas.

4. Direct marketing by farmers to the consumers has been experimented in the country through Apni Mandis in Punjab and Haryana.

5. The concept with certain improvements has been popularised in Andhra Pradesh through Rythu Bazars. At present, these markets are being run at the expense of the state exchequer, as a promotional measure, to encourage marketing by small and marginal producers without the involvement of the middlemen.

6. In these markets, many commodities are marketed along with fruits and vegetables.

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