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Dry Nursery

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Dry Nursery

1. Seed rate: 50-60 kg/ha for coarse variety, 35- 40 kg/ha for fine variety and 20 kg/ha for hybrids.

2. Seed treatment: Seeds are treated with fungicide like Bavistin or Thiram @ 2 g/kg of seeds, 24 hours before sowing and the seeds are treated with Azospirillum at 600g per ha of seeds.

3. Nursery bed preparation: Raised beds 120 cm wide, 15 cm high and any convenient length should be prepared with channel half a metre wide all round them to facilitate drainage.

4. Sowing: The treated seeds may be sown evenly in the bed.

5. Watering: Dry nursery should be irrigated once in 2 or 3 days depending on the nature of the soil.

6. Fertilizer management: For the nursery of 10 m length and 1.5 m width 30 kg of manure (FYM or compost) should be applied. If the seedling showing the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency, apply 0.2 kg of N for 10 X 15 sq m seed bed.

7. Weed management: First weeding should be done at 15-20 DAS.

8. Pest management: Soil application of Phorate 10G @ 10 Kg/ha. Or Quinalphos 5G @ 15 Kg/ ha. Or Carbofuran 3G @ 16.5 Kg/ha. 25 days after sowing

9. Age of transplanting:

Short duration varieties : 20-25 days

Medium duration varieties: 25-30 days

Long duration varieties : 35-40 days

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