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Ecosystem diversity in Rice

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1. Rice is grown under diverse conditions in India. It is cultivated exclusively as a rainfed crop in areas with precarious monsoon and unpredictable rainfall distribution.

2. It is also raised in areas where water level reaches 5 metres or more. The rice culture in Kuttanad district of Kerala is below the sea level.

3. While in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, it is grown almost upto an altitude of 2000 MSL (6600 ft).

4. A wide range of rainfall distribution pattern (drought, submergence, deepwater) and distinct differences in soils (coastal and inland salinity, alkalinity, acidity), agro-climatic situations (high humidity) and seasons have resulted in the cultivation of thousands of varieties and one can see a standing rice crop at some part of the country or the other in any time of the year.

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