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Export procedures

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For export of paddy/rice from India, exporter can take the help of following laid down procedure.

1. Registration with RBI and obtain RBI code number.

2. Importer – Exporter code (IEC) number to be obtained from Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

3. Register with Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) to obtain registration cum membership certificate.

4. For RCAC, exporter will be required to submit the export details and contract along with fee. RCAC is valid for 3 months, after that revalidation is required. RCAC is a statutory document and no duplicates can be issued after the misplacement of the original one. Exporter then procures their export orders.

5. Quality of the produce is to be assessed by the inspecting agency and a certificate is issued to this effect. Produce is then shifted to port.

6. Obtain marine insurance cover from any insurance company.

7. Contact clearing and forwarding (C. & F.) agent for sorting the produce in godowns and to get the shipping bill for allowing shipment by the Custom Authority.

8. Shipping bill is submitted by C. & F. Agent to custom house for verification and verified shipping bill is given to the shed superintendent to obtain carting order for export.

9. The C. & F. Agent presents shipping bill to preventive officer for loading into ship.

10. After loading into ship, a mate’s receipt is issued by captain of ship to the superintendent of the port, who calculates port charges and collects the same from the C. & F. Agent.

11. After the payment, C. & F. Agent takes mate’s receipt and requests port authority to prepare bill of lading to the respective exporter.

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