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Farm Machinery used in Punjab State

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1. Punjab agriculture is highly mechanised. There are about 4,25,200 tractors in the state.

2. For field preparation dry tillage is done with disc harrow or rotavators. There are 2,24,300 disc harrows and 6720 rotavators in the state.

3. Precision levelling is recommended for efficient water use and is done using laser levellers. Wet tillage is done with power tillers or with cultivator or rotavators.

4. The use of paddy transplanters is also increasing in the state because of labour constraints. There are about 6,55,000 knapsac spray pumps and 70 aeroblast sprayers in the state.

5. Mechanical harvesting is done using combines. About 6270 tractor mounted and 8400 self propelled combines are currently being used in the state.

6. Seed drills are also being used for sowing of dry direct seeded rice.

File Courtesy: 
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
Photo Courtesy: 
Dr.R.M. Kumar (DRR)
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