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Government Schemes on Credit

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Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB)


Title : Centre for International Cooperation in Agricultural Banking (CICTAB)
Type : Central Sector Scheme   
Objectives : To serve as an International Forum in Agricultural Banking as sub-regional center for Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. The CICTAB conducts International Training Programmes for member Countries and countries of SAARC Region.
Salient features : To conduct training courses for member countries and countries of SAARC Region.
Pattern of Assistance : 100% Grant by Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
Eligibility : Assistance to CICTAB on the basis of schedule of Training Courses to be conducted during the year.
Procedure to apply: Assistance is provided on the basis of proposal received from CICTAB for undertaking training courses under the programme during the year. This proposal is processed keeping in view the objectives of the scheme.
Persons to be contacted :
The  Joint Secretary 
Credit Division, 
Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, 
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.
Dated of Start/Duration: 1983-84 (VI Plan)
Implementation status : This is a continuing scheme. For Ninth Plan an outlay of Rs. 30 lakhs has been kept.
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