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Green leaf hopper(GLH)

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Scientific Name: Nephotettix virescens

Local name:

Damage of Green leaf hopper:

1. Nymph and adult suck cell sap and attract sooty mould.

2. Heavy infestation causes withering and complete drying of crop.

3. This pest is a potent vector transmitting several viral diseases like rice tungro diseases which cause yellowing, stunting and drying of plant.

Control of Green leaf hopper:

When pest population reaches 10 GLH/hill at vegetative stage or 20 GLH/hill at flowering stage, apply granular insecticide thiocyclam hydrogen oxalate (Evisect 5G) @ 40kg/ha.or spray MIPC(Mipcin 50WP) @ 1 lit./ha or monocrotophos (Monocil 40EC) @ 1.3lit/ha .

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