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Harvesting for transplanted puddled lowland rice

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1. Taking the average duration of the crop as an indication, drain the water from the field 7 to 10 days before the expected harvest date as draining hastens maturity and improves harvesting conditions.

2. When 80% of the panicles turn straw colour, the crop is ready for harvest. Even at this stage, the leaves of some of the varieties may remain green.

3. Confirm maturity by selecting the most mature tiller and dehusk a few grains. If the rice is clear and firm, it is in hard dough stage.

4. When most of the grains at the base of the panicle in the selected tiller are in a hard dough stage, the crop is ready for harvest. At this stage harvest the crop, thresh and winnow the grains.

5. Dry the grains to 12% moisture level for storage. Grain yield in rice is estimated only at 14% moisture for any comparison.

6. Maturity may be hastened by 3-4 days by spraying 20% NaCl a week before harvest to escape monsoon rains.

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