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Indigenous Season /Beliefs

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1.  July-August (Adi) is the apt season for Samba varieties of rice.
  Reported by Somasundaram(1997)
2. "Arudhra karthe" (June–July) is the suitable season for sowing mettudanyam (paddy variety) which is an early maturing short duration variety.
 Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)
3. Mrugasir Karthe’ (June) is suitable season for sowing late maturing (long duration) varieties of paddy.
 Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)
4.  ‘Punravasa karthe’ (July) is suitable season for transplanting   paddy seedlings into main field.
Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)
5.  If nursery is sown in Arudhra Karthe  (June–July) the  seedlings  will not grow  well because  of Arudhra Dosam.
Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)
6.   Paddy sown in ‘Arudhra karthe’ (June –July), more seed is required.
Reported by K.Lakshmana(2002)
7. Transplanting paddy during punarvasha to ashlisha (July- August) period gives higher crop yields and is hence practiced by the tribal farmers.
           Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)
8.  Before sowing paddy in nursery, hundred seeds are   sown as a sample and irrigated to check the percentage of germination.
a.   70 to 80 % germination is considered good. Reported by
b.  If germination percentage is less than 70, more seed will be sown than required quantity. The whole operation is called Pallemuveyuta.
         Reported by K. Lakshmana(2002)

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Indigenous Technical Knowledge in Rice Cultivation. P. Muthuraman and Shaik. N. Meera
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