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Indigenous Technical Knowledge of Karnataka

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1.    Sowing of sorghum, red gram and Beans on bund of Terraces
Advantage:  Efficient   utilization of space   and smothering the weeds on bunds
2.    Mixed cropping of Rice + Sorghum in drought prone areas.
Advantage:  As insurance crop to get the produce from either of one crop depending on rainfall
3.    Inter-cultivation and 'Hodta'  (Planking) operations in dry and wet conditions in paddy fields
Advantage: Helps in removing the weeds, induces better tillering, avoids percolation loss of   water and nutrients
4.    Cutting the sides of terrace bunds during rainy season with big sickle and putting the soil on terrace bunds.
Advantage: Removes weeds and avoid the flow of water from Paddy fields
5.    Manuring the weeds removed by heaping in the fields and turning it frequently
Advantage: Improves   organic   matter   and   soil properties in the paddy fields.

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