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Institutional credit facilities

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1. Institutional credit is the vital factor in agricultural development.

2. The National Agriculture Policy targeted annual growth rate of 4 percent over the 10th plan period.

3. The Task Force on Agricultural Credit has estimated a credit flow of Rs. 736570 crore for five years during the 10th Five year plan. During 1996-97, the total institutional credit for agriculture was 26,411 crore against Rs. 82,073 crore (target) during the year 2002-03.

4. The main emphasis was laid down on adequate and timely credit support to the farmers, particularly small and marginal farmers for adoption of modern technology and improved agricultural practices.

5. The institutional credit disbursed through co-operatives, with targeted 43 percent share in rural credit flow in Agriculture during 2002-2003 was shared by Commercial Banks (50 percent) and Regional Rural Banks (7 percent).

6. The institutional credit to Agriculture is offered in the form of short term, medium term and long term credit facilities.

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