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Inter-state movements

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1. In case of paddy, during the year 2000-2001, Tamil Nadu despatched 1805554 quintals to Assam, Bihar, Gujarat, Kerala, Pondicherry and Orissa.

2. Uttar Pradesh despatched 304540 quintals paddy to Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

3. During the year 2000-2001, 35945250 quintals of rice from Andhra Pradesh were marketed for the inter-state movement mainly to Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

4. The state of Punjab and Haryana marketed 33513610 quintals and 6859140 quintals rice respectively to Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal and Southern States.

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