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Lecture method - Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages of using Lecture Method
  • One need not heavily depend upon audio-visual aids and other gadgets for presentation. We may not even use any audiovisual aids and gadgets for a lecture.
  • Most economical one from cost point of view assuming that the trainer is competent in lecturing on the particular content.
  • Knowledge-level content can very conveniently be passed on to the participants.
Disadvantages of Lecture Method


  • Someone poor in these aspects is likely to give a very poor performance in lecturing.
  • Practically some trainers take advantage of the method because of its medium (the spokenwords) and speak anything and get away with it. Thus, they misuse the method.
  • Some trainers make use of the age old, outdated lecture notes, which they might have prepared several years back.
  • They present outdated information through lecture method and waste the time allotted.
  • Effective oral presentation depends heavily upon the strength of vocabulary and knowledge of grammar rules including structures of sentences.


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