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Life stages of Whitebacked Planthopper

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1. Egg: Cylindrical eggs are laid in groups when the rice plant is small but in the upper part of the rice plant when the plant is large. (They are laid with the micropylar end protruding from the tissue, the operculum is long and narrow. The eggs in a group are not sealed together by the material secreted by female.)

2. Nymph: White to a strongly mottled dark grey or black and white in colour and 0.6 mm size when young. Fifth instar nymph with a narrow head and white or creamy white body. Dorsal surface of the thorax and abdomen marked with various amounts of grey and white markings.

3. Adult: The adult hopper is 3.5-4.0 mm long. The forewings are uniformly hyaline with dark veins. There is a prominent white band between the junctures of the wings. Macropterous males and females and brachypterous females are commonly found in the field.

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