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Limitations of Biofertilizer application

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 Use of biofertilizers makes certain constraints generally related to production, market, resource and field level which are as follows.

(1) Production constraints:
  • Unavailability of appropriate and efficient strains
  • Unavailability of suitable carrier
  • Lack of standards in packaging
(2) Market level constraints:
  • Lack of awareness of farmers
  • Inadequate and inexperienced staff
  • Lack of quality assurance
  • Seasonal and un-assured demand
  • Limited scope of marketing
(3) Resource constraints:
  • Limited resource generation for biofertilizers production
  • Limited risk taking ability of farmers
(4) Field level constraints:
  • Soil and climatic factors
  • Native microbial population
  • Faulty inoculation techniques
  • Crop management
  • Quality control
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R K Avasthe, Subhash Babu and Raghavendra Singh ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region
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