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Locust Control and Research

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Locust Control and Research

Title: Locust Control and Research   

Type: Central Sector Scheme   

Objectives :

i)To monitor locust situation by conducting regular surveys over 2.0 lakh sq. km. In the Scheduled Desert Area encompassing the States of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 

ii)To organise control operations for preventing locust plague, as and when necessary.   

 Salient features :

i)Locust surveillance and monitoring through 5 circle offices and 23 outposts

ii)Organising control operations against local build ups of locust population and invading locust swarms. 

iii)Issue of fortnightly locust situation bulletins. 

iv)Organising Indo-Pak Border Meetings and maintaining wireless contact between Jodhpur and Karachi during June to November.

v)Coordinating with locust prone countries and FAO as a part of International Commitment. 

vi)Participation in International Meetings on Locust and Regional Commission. 

vii)Conducting field research on locust behaviour, biology and control.

viii)Efforts for use of satellite data for locust surveillance and forecasting.   

Pattern of Assistance : 100% Central funds.   

Persons to be contacted :

i) The Plant Protection Adviser

Directorate of Plant Protection, 

Quarantine & Storage,Govt. of India

N. H. IV, Faridabad (Haryana), India PIN – 121 001. 

ii) Deputy Director (E)

Locust Warning Organisation

Sati Mata Ka ThanAir Force Road, 

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) 

iii) Plant Protection Officer (E)

Locust Warning Organisation

Uttarlai Road, Barmer (Rajasthan)

PIN – 344 001 

iv) Plant Protection Officer (E)

Locust Warning Organisation

Near R.T.O. Check Post, Ambaji Road,

Palanpur (Gujarat),PIN – 385 001

v) Plant Protection Officer (E)

Locust Warning Organisation

Near Earth Satellite Centre

Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), India

PIN – 345 001.   

Date of Start/Duration : September, 1939.   

 Implementation status : On going scheme  


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