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Macro Management of Agriculture ‘Supplementation/ Complementation of States’ Efforts through Work Plan’

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• Title : Macro Management of Agriculture ‘Supplementation/Complementation of States’ Efforts through Work Plan’
• Type : Centrally Sponsored Scheme
• Objective : Macro Management scheme will aim at all round development in agriculture through Work Plans prepared by States. These include
• reflection of local needs/crop/regions specific/ priorities etc.
• providing flexibility and autonomy to States;
• optimum utilization of scarce financial resource;
• maximisation of returns;
• removal of regional imbalances.
• Salient features : It has been decided to move away from schematic approach to Macro management mode by integrating 27 Centrally Sponsored Schemes listed at Annexure I. The previous pattern of rigid uniformly structured Centrally Sponsored Schemes, permitting little or no flexibility, which resulted in large unutilised balances with states has been dispensed with. Integration of Centrally Sponsored Schemes under Macro management approach will enhance the productivity of support programmes and accord greater flexibility to State Governments to develop and pursue activities on the basis of regional priorities. It is, thus, a major step towards achieving decentralization in pursuance of restoring primacy of States in agricultural development planning. The Central Government will supplement/complement the State Governments’ efforts through regionally differentiated Work Plans comprising crop/ area/target group specific interventions, formulated in an interactive mode and implemented in spirit of partnership with the States.
• Pattern of assistance : Eligibility : The outlay of the Work Plan would be shared by the Centre and the States in the ratio of 90:10. In the case of North-Eastern States, however, the entire expenditure will be borne by the Government of India. Central assistance for Work Plans will be in the ratio of 80 by grants and 20% by loans. All States/UTs.
• Person to be contacted : The Joint Secretary,
Plan & Policy Division,
Department of Agriculture & Cooperation
Krishi Bhawan,
New Delhi
• Date of Start : November, 2000
• Implementation Status : The Scheme is proposed to be implemented in all States/UTs. The Scheme was started in November, 2000. During the year 2000-01, an amount of Rs. 378.88 crores was released to the States for implementation of their Work Plans under Macro Management Scheme. For the year 2001-02, an outlay of Rs. 850 crores has been approved for implementation of the Scheme. State-wise allocation for the implementation of their Work Plans is given at Annexure II.

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