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Management of Gundhi bug

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Dusting the crop with Carbaryl (Sevin 5%) or Malathion 5% dust or chlorpyriphos 2% dust @ 20 kg/ha in the morning hours with duster or spraying the crop with 0.05 % monocrotophos or 0.07% endosulfan or 0.05% quinalphos (Ekalux) to reduce the population.
(B) Lowland: Lowland rice is infested in nursery as well as after transplanting.
1.Nursery: Many insects infests rice in nursery, viz., root aphid, flea beetles, stem fly, stem borers, WBPH, green leaf hoppers, grass hoppers, filed crickets & hairy caterpillars and cause severe damage.
Management: Soil incorporation with Carbofuran 3G @ 3.3 gms/m2 before sowing followed by one spraying with monocrotophos 0.05 % at 20 days after sowing reduces the damage.

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Rice Research Station, Kaul (Kaithal), Haryana
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