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Marketing channels

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Marketing channels:
The following are the important marketing channels existing in the marketing of paddy/rice.

(i) Private:
        The major marketing channels identified in the private sector are:
1) Producer  Miller  Wholesaler  Retailer  Consumer
2) Producer  Commission Agent  Miller  Wholesaler  Retailer  Consumer
3) Producer  Itinerant Merchant  Miller  Wholesaler  Retailer Consumer
4) Producer  Wholesaler (Paddy)  Miller  Wholesaler(Rice)  Retailer Consumer
5) Producer  Miller  Retailer  Consumer
6) Producer  Miller  Consumer.

 (ii) Institutional:
1.It covers the public and co-operative sector agencies.
2. It plays a very significant role in the procurement and distribution of paddy/rice.
3. Food Corporation of India is the main agency for procurement, buffer stock operations and distribution of rice. The main institutional marketing channel for rice is as under;
Producer  Procuring Agency (FCI/State Govt./Co-operatives)  Miller (FCI/Co-operatives/Private)  Distributing Agency (State Govt.)  Fair price/Ration shop  Consumer.

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