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Mealybug ( Mavuppoochi )

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1. Common name- Mealybug .

2. Scientific name - Brevennia rehi.

 3. Vernacular name - Mavuppoochi ( மாவுப்பூச்சி )

 Identification of Mealybug:

Adult - Small reddish white, soft-bodied wingless insect covered with filamentous materials.

Damage of Mealybug :

• Large number of insects remains in leaf sheath and suck the sap.

• Plants become week, yellowish and very much stunted in circular patches.

• Presence of white waxy fluff in leaf sheaths .

Management of Mealybug.

• Durin field preparation - remove the grasses from the bunds and trim the bunds.

 • Remove and destroy the affected plants.

• Spray any one of the following insecticides in the initial stage of infestation o dimethoate 30 EC 500 ml/ha o methyl demeton 25 EC@ 500 ml/ha. o Conserve the natural enemies like Scymnus sp.,Anatrichus pygmaeus, and Mepachymerus ensifer

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Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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