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Multi-purpose reaper, water pump cum threshing machine

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  • Name of the Farmer:   Shri. Vijay Yadav
  • Location: Dist. Sarangarh Post, Sarngarh Block, Raigarh District
  • Age : 55 years
  • Educational Qualification: B A
  • Landholding (in hectare): 1.50 ha
  • Rice farming Experience (in years): 10 years
  • Phone No: 09425250556 
Brief Description
The versatile "farmer-cum-mechanic" has applied the knowledge and mechanical skills in agriculture to fabricate a multipurpose reaper that can be used as a water pump and threshing machine.
The multi-reaper is 4 feet long, 4 ft wide and 2.15 feet in height. It weighs about 48 kilograms and operated with fuel engine.
The reaper component has 30 blades of 9.6 inch in size of 2 years of life span without sharpening.
In total, it costs around 27,500/- compared to existing reapers of Rs 70,000/-.

How is it developed?
The farmer who owns a motor cycle repair shop collected spare parts of reapers, motor engines and designed this multi-purpose reaper.
Using the spare parts, he fabricated the present innovation which at different gears can be used as a reaper or a water pump or even as a threshing machine.
Pratical Utility/ Scalability
The innovator has facilitated the villagers its replication and it is scalable with financial support.

File Courtesy: 
Rice Innovations 2011, Directorate of Rice Research
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Rice Innovations 2011, Directorate of Rice Research
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