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  •  The symbiotic association between plant roots and fungal mycelia is termed as Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM). 
  • VAM is a fungal biofertilizer mobilizes relatively immobile elements like Zn, Cu, K, S, Al, Mn, Mg, Fe, and speed up their uptake by plants. 
  • VAM inoculation improves the water relation to plants. 
  • Many of the graminaceous and leguminous plants harbour VAM (Gherbi et al., 2008). 
  • These plants contain special structures, which help in the transfer of nutrients from soil into the root system. 
  • The VAM fungi are inter-cellular and obligate endosymbionts. 
  • The fungi are mass-produced only in the presence of living roots. 
  • The production of inoculums needs a host plant and growth medium, usually soil, which provides congenial conditions for growth and reproduction of fungi. 
  • The inoculums should be applied 2-3 cm below the soil at the time of sowing (Sprent et al., 2007).
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