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Nursery for Rajarajan 1000 Rice Cultivation

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Seed rate

7- 8 kg for single seedling per hill

Preparation of nursery area:  

Prepare 100 m2 nurseries to plant 1 ha.  Select a levelled area near the water source. Spread a plastic sheet or used polythene gunny bags on the shallow raised bed to prevent roots growing deep into soil.

Preparation of soil mixture: Four (4) m3 of soil mix is needed for each 100 m2 of nursery.  Mix 70% soil + 20% well-decomposed pressmud / bio-gas slurry / FYM + 10% rice hull. Incorporate in the soil mixture 1.5 kg of powdered di -ammonium phosphate or 2 kg 17-17-17 NPK fertilizer.




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TNRRI, Aduthurai
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