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Nutrient Management in Biasi (Beushning) system of rice cultivation

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1. Apply 100-120 Kg N: 50-60 Kg P: 40-50 Kg K /ha to high yielding varieties.

2. In medium to heavy soil, N should be applied in three splits in the ratio of 30:40:30 or 25:50:25 at biasi, maximum tillering and PI stage (where herbicide is not used).

3. In light soils, N should be applied in four splits in the ratio of 10:40:40:10 as basal, at biasi, PI stage and pre flowering stages, respectively (where herbicide is not used).

4. Where pre-emergence application of herbicides have been use apply N in 4 splits in the ratio of 15-25, 30-40, 25-30 and 25-30 as basal, initial tillering, maximum tillering and PI stages.

5. Whole amount of P and K should be applied as basal dressing.

6. FYM or compost @ 8-10 t/ha should be applied 10-12 days before seeding.

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