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Nutrient management in line sowing method of rice cultivation

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1. Level: Early variety – 60-90 kg N/ha: 40-50 Kg P/ha: 30-40 Kg K/ha.
Medium vareity - 100-120 kg N/ha: 50-60 Kg P/ha: 40-50 Kg K/ha

2. Apply N 20% in light soil and 30% in heavy soils as basal drilled along or by the side of the seed followed by 40% at tillering and 40% at PI stage for higher yields.

3. In light soils and in medium and late duration varieties splits application of nitrogen in the ratio of 20:30:25:25 as basal, active tillering, maximum tillering and PI or pre flowering stage proved more effective.

4. In heavy soil (Irrigated condition), apply N 50% basal, 25% at tillering and 25% at PI stage of the crop.

5. FYM compost: All P and K should be applied as basal dressing. The K may be applied in the ratio of 60:40 as basal and at PI stage of rice.

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