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Organic manuring in Karnataka

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1. Organic manuring also improves the physical and microbial conditions of soil and enhances fertilizer use efficiency when applied in conjunction with mineral fertilizers. Thus, all the major sources of plant nutrients such as soil, mineral, organic and biological should be utilized in an efficient and judicious manner for sustainable crop production in rice-rice cropping system.

2. Several studies have been conducted on the complementary use of organic and mineral fertilisers in cropping systems involving rice.

3. Extensive field investigations in the acid lateritic soils at Kharagpur revealed that locally available organic materials such as chopped straw, FYM, water hyacinth compost, Azolla and green manure in situ with Sunhemp and Dhaincha can substitute N fertilizer up to 50 per cent of the total crop requirement.

4. In a study on Rice based cropping system, it was found that significant increase in yield parameter as well as soil nutrient status in INH treatment i.e 50% NPK + 25% N through green manure + % N through FCM.

5. Also found that yield levels were stabilized during 1999-2009 in the INH treatments in Red sandy loam soils of ZARS, V.C.Farm, Mandya. It was however more beneficial to apply the organic manure in the Kharif season because of its better decomposition and mineralization of nutrients in soil.

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ZARS, Mandya
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