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1. Good packaging provides not only convenient handling in transportation and storage but also attracts consumers to pay more. Packaging is essential to avoid spoilage and to prolong the quality.

2. Packaging of paddy/rice is also important for long-term storage to fulfill the demand of old rice in the market, particularly in case of Basmati and non-parboiled rice. Paddy/rice, if kept in open, quality may be adversely affected.

3. Packaging is closely related to labeling and branding. In present scenario, branding and labeling of rice has significant impact on consumer preference. More care is required in packaging of rice meant for export.

4. This is because of demonstrative effect and the requirements of consumers in different countries; exporters have now started using transparent, colourful and attractive packaging.

For good packaging, the packages must possesses following qualities:

a.It must protect rice very well and should be long lasting.

b.It must look clean.

c. It must be convenient to handle and carry out from the store easily.

d.It must attract the consumer.

e.It must be easily identifiable.

f.It must resist spoiling.

g.It must tell information about rice i.e. name and address of packer, pack-size (quantity), quality (grade), variety and date of packing etc.

Method of packing :

The graded rice should be packed in new, clean, sound and dry jute bags, cloth bags, polywoven bags, polyethylene, polypropylene, high molecular high density polyethylene paper packages or in other food grade plastic/packaging materials.

The packages shall be free from insect infestation, fungus contamination, deleterious substances and undesirable or obnoxious smell. Each package shall be securely closed and suitably sealed. Each package shall contain rice of one grade only.

The rice shall be packed in quantities as specified under the provisions of the Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977 as amended from time to time.

Suitable number of consumer packs containing graded material of the same lot may be packed in master container.

Availability of packaging material :

The following packaging material is used in packaging of paddy/rice.

(1) Jute bags

(2) HDPE / PP bags

(3) Polythene impregnated jute bags

(4) Poly pouches

(5) Cloth bags Jute bags Vs HDPE bags

 Jute is a biodegradable material, while synthetic is not environmentally friendly. The disposal of unserviceable jute bags is easy as compared to synthetic bags.

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