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Policy and Management in Agriculture “State of the Indian Farmer-A Millennium Study”

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• Title : Policy and Management in Agriculture “State of the Indian Farmer-A Millennium Study”
• Type : Central Sector
• Objectives : Besides policy and management, a study on State of Indian Farmers is being organised to inquire into the conditions of Indian Farmers at the commencement of the Third Millenium.
• Salient features : The Study is planned to be conducted in three phases, which would be implemented under overall guidance of a Technical Committee and supervision of a Steering Committee of experts. Phase-I of the Study will bring out a series of status papers on various aspects of agriculture impacting the farmers, on the basis of existing data sources and research material. The output of this phase would provide a historical perspective of last 50 years of agricultural development in the country to the planners in the coming decades. During Phase-II, a countrywide Situation Assessment Survey (SAS) has been planned to obtain a snapshot picture of conditions of farming community as characterized by their professional and socio-economic environment. Phase-III of the Study would be concentrating on analysis of the conditions of the farmers as a consequences of past macro policies and programmes. The research output of Phase-I as well as the data generated through the SAS will be the main input of analysis during Phase-III.
• Persons to be contacted : The Director,
Agriculture Census,
Department of Agriculture and Cooperation,
Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.
• Date of Start/Duration 2000-01.
• Implementation status : Phase-I of Study is being carried out.

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