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Precautions for irrigation for transplanted puddled lowland rice

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1. The field plot can be 25 to 50 cents depending on the source of irrigation.

2. Field to field irrigation should be avoided. Field should be irrigated individually from a channel.

3. Small bund may be formed parallel to the main bund of the field at a distance of 30 to 45cm within the field to avoid leakages of water through main bund crevices.

4. To minimize percolation loss, the depth of stagnated water should be 5cm or less.

5. In water logged condition, form open drains, about 60cm in depth and 45cm width across the field.

6. Care should be taken not to allow development of cracks.

7. In canal command area, conjunctive use of surface and ground water may be resorted to for judicious use of water.

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