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Procedure for wet direct seeding

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1. Ensure the field is well levelled, well puddled and weed free.

2. 2-5 days after the final puddling, the soil has settled to be solid enough to hold seed on or near the surface and weeds have not yet established.

3. In drained fields, small outlets can be made across the field a couple of days after puddling to further help drain the field and avoid snail damage and seed emergence problems in areas with standing water.

4. Pre-germinate the seed (soak for 24 hours in water, cover and drain for 24 hours). In this time the seedling root will emerge 2-3mm.

5. Use sufficient seed - of a variety suited for direct seeding - to achieve a plant population of 100-150 plants/m2. This will usually require around 80 kg seed/ha. Use an extra 10-20% if the seed is not pre-germinated.

6. If water in the fields is muddy following the last working, allow the field to dry for a time period of at least 24 hrs (preferably 48 hrs) before broadcasting commences.

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